Riser services



Your cleaning is our #1 priority. We have 10 years combined offshore experience, an excellent safety record, and the advanced tools to do the job.
Your job will be done with quality products. We inspect our equipment upon arrival from each rig.

NFC have developed a system to clean risers, on the rig, in under 20 mins. No more shipping risers off to land, and yes, we are the only company to environmentally clean a riser on a rig.

We set out to build an ELITE workforce with proven track records in Safety, Professionalism, Positive Attitudes. We provide extensive knowledge to our employees with monthly safety meetings.


The Most Comprehensive Range of Riser Services

NFC services provides riser inspection programs that add value and reduce costs by deploying class inspections either onboard or on-site using advanced inspection techniques, if applicable, without the requirement to remove the buoyancy or transport the risers from the vessel.

NFC are committed to utilising the most advanced state of the art solutions available to provide the best and most suitable techniques to enhance our inspection capabilities.


Marin Riser Inspection, Cleaning, Bolt and Stud Inspection, Automated Ultrasonic Inspection, Phased Array Ultrasonic