New Services

New Services

1. Drilling Equipment Inspection
2. Electromagnetic Testing for Wire Rope (E-Mag)
3. Lifting Gear and Lifting Equipment Inspection
4. Dropped Object Surveys / DROPS


Drilling Equipment Inspection


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NFC offers DS-1 inspection services. This is the standard for drill stem inspection, which covers a wide range of components that include but are not limited to: heavy weight drill pipe, light weight drill pipe, collars, subs, API rotary shoulder connections and similar variants.
DS-1 inspections follow strict guidelines, procedures and methodology. Our inspectors are trained and certified to properly inspect and maintain a high level of knowledge in their field. Mandatory equipment calibration is frequent, assuring that all inspections are fluid, complete and correct.
NFC is dedicated to safe working environments, accurate practices and is open to customer defined standards.
Key Services NFC provides:
Visual Inspection
Tubular I. D. Camera with DVR Recording
Dimensional Inspection and Verification
Magnetic Particle, both color contrast and ultraviolet ( Ferrous Material )
Dye Penetrant, both color contrast and ultraviolet ( Non-Ferrous Material )
Ultrasonic Thickness examination
EMI Logging – Drill Pipe 2.3/8’’ up to 6.5/8’’DS-1 Category 1-5 Inspection
RIG Site Bottom Hole Assembly Inspection
Trip Check of BHA Components
API and Proprietary Rotary Shoulder Connection Inspection
Field repair of API and Proprietary Rotary Shoulder Connections (RSC)
Top Drive Inspection
Rig Structural Inspection
Hardbanding of Drill Pipe, Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe and BHA Tools
Hardbanding of Non Magnetic BHA Tools
3rd Party Verification Services
In-House Services
Digital real time reporting and data base


Electromagnetic Testing for Wire Rope (E-Mag)

The safe operation of lifting equipment employing wire rope depends to the extent of well programmed periodic wire rope examination.
Wire rope deterioration may result from normal usage, misuse or as a result from abnormal incident. Excessive wear, broken wire, distortion and corrosion are the common visible external deterioration while internal deterioration is invisible.
NFC offer full length internal and external wire rope examination to establish the condition of the rope and assess whether or not it is fit and safe to remain in service by Visual Examination and NDT E-Mag Examination



Lifting Gear and Lifting Equipment Inspection


NFC provides a complete range of Lifting Gear Inspection Services for both the onshore and offshore industries
NFC is recognised as a market leader in the field of Lifting Equipment Inspections, Lifting Slings Inspections, Testing and Re-Certification of Lifting equipment to meet the relevant standards and maintain statutory records as required.
All our Inspectors are OPITO Riggers and have had many years’ experience within the industry. This experience allows us to offer advice on rationalising the type and amount of Lifting Equipment used. This will ensure that inspections can be carried out efficiently and thus be cost effective.



Dropped Object Surveys / DROPS


Objects falling from structures are still responsible for an alarming number of casualties, both on and offshore.


Typically, these involve


Loose items left at height post construction work
Weather damaged items
Tar deposits on drilling derricks
Items loosened by vibration
Corroded fixtures and fittings or lack of secondary retention
Non-conforming items such as a loose kick plate


We are able to conduct dropped object surveys of all types of structure and surveys can range in scale from simple removal of loose items to a complete inventory of equipment within the structure, assessment of the integrity of fittings and secondary retention and creation of a DROPS Picture Book to allow non-specialist client staff to conduct interim inspections.


We pride ourselves on a proactive approach and as well as taking any safety critical remedial action needed