Pressure Gauge and PRV Calibration

Pressure measurement is extremely important to worker safety, and can be critical to product quality control. An inaccurate pressure gauge or PRV valve can lead to expensive product recalls or tragic workplace accidents.


Here at NFC, we offer accredited calibration services for pressure gauges and valves of any type.


We work strictly according to ISO17025, API576 & API598, meeting all your instrument calibration, mass calibration and administration needs.


Our team are fully qualified to per-form Pressure Gauge Calibration up to 40 000 PSI.

Any defect gauges, PRV’s can be repaired, or alternatively re-placed through our team on-board.


Keep your valuable assets up to date with a NFC calibration and benefit from the latest technological developments.


All equipment calibrated or supplied will receive a calibration certificate and label. In the case of PRV’s, an aluminium seal will be fixed with a unique tracking number.


Upon completion, a calibration file will be supplied with all necessary documentation, certificates & registers of work completed.


Most common Instruments, but not limited to:


Electrical Calibration:

Multimeters 0-1050V AC / DC

Power Supplies 0-3000A AC / DC

Oscilloscope 0-1000MHz

Installation Tester


Temperature calibration:

Thermometer -40 º C to 700 º C

IR camera and thermometer -15 º C to 500 º C

Temperature transmitters -45 º C to 700 º C

Temperature calibrators -50 º C to 650 º C


Pressure calibration:

Gauge -0.8 to 3000 bar

Pressure -0.8 to 3000 bar

Pressure Switches

Chart Recorders

Vacuum Gauges

Pressure Calibrators -0.8 to 1200 bar


Gas calibration:

Single and multigas (O2, CO, H2S, CH4, C3H8)

Oxygen Meters

Fixed Gas Detectors

Bump Stations


Mechanical calibration:

Torque wrenches 20Nm to 2000Nm

Torque Wrenches

Handheld Torque Tools

Torque Analyser

Torque Sensor

Pull Testers

Weighing Scales


Vibration Calibration:

Vibration Meters



Linear Instruments:


Vernier calipers

Dial gauges

Measuring tapes

Measuring scales


How we do it?




Extensive instrument design knowledge and considerable test depth enable us to look ahead and identify deviations before they lead to problems.




Our comprehensive manufacturer calibration includes preventative hardware maintenance, adjustments and modifications as well as regular software updates. You can rest assured that your instruments are always state-of-the-art.



The traceability of calibration results is a key requirement specified by standards such as ISO 9001. The use of accredited calibrated working standards ensures direct traceability of measurement results.



Internationally recognized certifications of our quality standards and management systems provide security for you and your business partners.